Linked fields/tables

Hello. I have a table where I have created a linked field to establish a new table. When I look at that new table, I notice some fields that are actually duplicates (e.g. the value of a field has a typo.) When I correct that typo, it seems like that record should go away and instead be incorporated into another record. But this doesn’t seem to happen.

Here are the specifics. My original table has a field called “Type of Case”. I set up that field to be a linked field and to then create a new table based on it. So the new table called Type of Case has all if the cases (many:1 relationship to Case Name, meaning that an individual case can have multiple types). So, in the new table called Type of Case I see a few duplicates because of typos or inconsistent naming. For example, one type is “Personal Liability” and the other is “personal liability”. When I correct the lower case version to “Personal Liability”, I expect the other one to disappear altogether, meaning that it seems like it should just consolidate into the one that has the right case type-“Personal Liability”. Am I wrong? Thank you!

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