Linking Airtable to Excel


Hopefully I’m posting this in the correct section. If not, please direct me to the correct one. I was going to post in the API section, but this seemed like a “broader” section to start with.

I have setup AirTable to support a gaming group of which I’m the admin. The multiplayer game does not have any admin tools leaving us to develop our own solutions. Having done table design and DW/BI work in the past, I was able to build the table structure and views without any difficulty; once I learned how the table linking worked in Airtable.

I’ve even been able to create and post the “forms” for users to input data and respond to events with their “bids”. The next logical step is to create the output I need. I’ve attempted to connect Excel to Airtable with little success. I can get the connection created, but I only get a single field of “Record” values. Total rows is correct, but I can’t see any of the fields. I’m familiar with ODBC, SQL, etc. but have no experience with JSON, Java or other web based tools.

Frankly I’d use SQL Server or Access as the back end but making those available online given that this is all voluntary work and there is zero budget has proven difficult. That’s why I selected Airtable. That and I’m trying to move as much of the work onto an iPad as possible as that’s the platform most often used by the players and myself.

I assumed integrating Excel would be easy, but as I mentioned earlier, I have not been able to make it work. When I search the forums for Excel I can’t find any reference to it, which seems strange given, I expected my use case to be very common.

So, ultimately, I’m looking for direction on how to best integrate Excel (for reporting) with my Airtable environment. Any help is appreciated. Additionally, any information that is needed to help me with this I can post upon request.


I’m amazed that this topic hasn’t sparked some discussion. Am I really the only one who has tried to link Excel to Airtable?


You’re best bet is to export the Airtable as a CSV file and then open in Excel.

If you wanted you could sync your base with a Google sheet using the railsware plugin ( I’m on my phone so can’t link it but you can search it on the forums)