Looking for an Airtable Expert for School and Inventory DB's


Hi everyone,

What a lovely product airtable is! I’m looking for a help with my school and inventory airtable DB. I have some logical issues that I can’t solve on my own. Few examples:

  • how to record biweekly attendance of 300+ students for 10+ different classes
  • better payment records then current
  • create inventory management and…
  • create automated inventory management (if someone takes something, that item should decrease in my stock)
  • add complex logic based formulas to fields
  • review overall setup, and work to improve flow & efficiency

We can do this with upwork, skype or something else, whatever work well with you. Feel free to email me at: davorbudimir9@gmail.com

Who is ready to take on a challenge? :sunglasses: :blush:


Hi Davor would love to help. Please email stonestreetproductions@gmail.com and we can Skype? Some info here if you’d like to check too: https://www.fiverr.com/olisteadman/build-an-awesome-database-for-your-small-business

I can complete this project based on your description in a day or at most two. Looking forward to finding out more!


Hi Davor,

Sounds like something that I could help you out on.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com

Best Wishes,


I would be very interested in working with you on this project.

I’m Freelance Front-end developer and i’m selling consultant service and assistance about airtable here on fiverr : https:http://bit.ly/i-will-be-your-airtable-consultant-For-Setting-Up-Database-Forms-And-Workflows
I can help you with airtable for building out the database or for a more complicated workflow as an webapp using the airtable API.