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Need Airtable Consultant to setup job production system

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I am currently setting up a job production system to have orders from our accounting system flow into Airtable and manage our manufacturing jobs. 70% of our jobs are pretty straight forward and have the same parts for each job and Airtable is looking like an EXCELLENT tool to assist us in what we do. About 30% of our jobs are much more complicating and have kitted parts, with assemblies inside of job methods which throws off my simplistic vision for this system and I’d like to stick to the vision as close as possible.

I need an Airtable consultant that I would pay for the project of helping me design for this 30% of complicated scenarios. Airtable expert and database mind required!

Please message me if you have interest!

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Hi Scott, I would love to help you with this. Here’s me

It sounds very similar to a project I recently completed for somebody else who posted in this forum.

Could we Skype / email?
Oisteadman /

Hi Scott,

Sounds exciting…would be keen to work on this project…
Feel free to email me on

Best Wishes,