Maxing out IEs 2000 character limit on filterbyformula

Hi all. I have a filterbyformula where I am using an OR statement to get Record_IDs. It seems that on IE I have maxed out there rule of no more then 2000 characters in a Get URL. This seems to be happening to me. I am using the javascript and not curl.
Any thoughts on how to get around this? If I call 50 people from the database using the OR statement I am screwed with each person needing roughly 40 characters…

I believe this is where GET should be abandoned and POST should be utilized.

I made the change at the local level. Instead of making the OR call to the table I just brought the entire table over and then checked against the array of IDs to hide show. I know that it is more stress on the system to bring all the items over instead of what I needed. Just wanted to give people a heads up in case others run into the issue!

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