Memory usage problem on Mac

I am using the free version of Airtable and using one base very heavily for my day to day work to manage workflow.

Suddenly over the last 3 days I have been getting a warning message saying “This webpage is using significant memory and closing it could improve the responsiveness of your Mac”

I didn’t ever get this before and also I have the latest (1 month old) 16 inch MacBook Pro with significantly greater memory and faster processor than my old MacBook Pro which was 5 years old and a lower level model

Please help!

Happens to me weekly. I just deal. Restart my computer and it’s usually fine for another week

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I’m not getting the message but I do hear my iMac fan spinning up lately - specifically the past three days. Can’t say for sure it’s Airtable but it appears to be aligned with Airtable use.

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Thank you, I closed the browser and reopened and the problem disappeared, will have to see if it comes back

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