Microsoft Flow integration with Airtable

Hello everybody, heavy airtable user here.
While developing the production+ecommerce+shipping tool for my company, I started to crash repeatedly against the microsoft integration walls. Basically there isn’t any integration to push/pull data from airtable to MFlow.
The only solution is using third parties integrators like Zapier. As crazy as it’s sound, microsoft don’t provide this integration inside the Microsoft Flow integrator.
This is also very condensed in a post on their forum which is 4 years old now, with people still asking for it:

I hope that maybe some pushing from Airtable itself could work, ending in a long awaited integration, as many of us end up with some company using microsoft soon or later…
Hope somebody can answer on this!

Antonio, welcome to the community!

This is not true. I recently built a Microsoft Flow integration with Airtable using its webhooks API. It also supports a REST API so every integration imaginable with Flow is possible. It’s not easy (like with Zapier), but possible.

You need to understand that not every vendor believes integrations through “codeless” glu-factory services are a good thing; there are drawbacks and Microsoft is generally cautious about encouraging security tokens shared with other services that exist in countries with different privacy laws. No company or product should be blamed for trying to protect your data. :wink:

The current Airtable API works really well with Microsoft Flow webhooks, you just need to get someone involved who is skilled at these disparate APIs.

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