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API Calls failing with 502 Error Intermittently

We see that from last three days we are frequently getting 502 Error in spite of no changes on the URL and how we retrieve the data from airtable.It's even seen that Api calls are working for some time of the day and failing for some cases.We would l...

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Resolved! Airtable API using Node.js create field examples?

Does anyone know of documentation that has an example of creating each field type using Node.js?There are certain field types I am running into issues with such as date fields and currency fields and I can not find much documentation of when an examp...

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Cancale auto save on a field

I work with a team and we have a field that we write notes in it (I don't like the comments section), the field type in Long text. It is very easy to accidentally delete contact from it. I want to defend it from this by demanding the user to manual s...

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How to create and link a record to a sync table

I have 2 bases (Payments and Ledger)And on Ledger base i have a sync table from Payments baseI'm making a script that runs on a table in the Ledger database. This script will create a record in the Payments base and then link that record to a table i...

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Issues with Jotform Integration

The past week or so, we have experienced intermittent issues with the Jotform + Airtable integration.1. Some Jotform submissions indicate they were successfully sent to Airtable, and never showed up in Airtable.2. Fields that contain more than one at...

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Resolved! How to filter a linked record from a table by input with a script

I'm trying to filter my extract by the bank that the user select, but i'm always getting null.What am i doing wrong?const extract = await Extract.selectRecordsAsync({    fields: ["Name", "Data", "Valor", "Bank"]}).then(query => query.records)let bank...

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Guics by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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