Monthly Reporting Visualization - Actual | Budget | Previous Year Data Points

Hi Airtable Community!

I have a problem I’m sure some of you have already solved. I’m collecting monthly data for specific metrics (example: Revenue) I’m capturing three data elements in one record - Actual, Budget, and Previous Year. When I try to create visualizations for this in the Chart app, because of the way I’m capturing the data I can’t get the visualization I’m looking for. I would like to see three vertical (or horizontal bars) for for each of the data points in the record (Actual, Budget, Previous Year). I’m thinking Veg-Lite might be the answer but have never used it. Really appreciate any feedback and ideas.

I’m also open to other ideas on how to better capture this data from end users, there may be a better way to capture these elements that would lend to better visualizations. I added all three data fields to one record to make it easier for the end users to submit updates.

Thank you all.

Hi Travis, and welcome to the community.

Take a look at the new Vega-Lite charting block. It’s beta but you can join and access with a single click and it works pretty well.

Here’s a recent app I built that blends Vega-Lite with MapBox.

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