Multiple Attachments Upload


I often upload multiple photos to the attachment field, but the process on Airtable iOS is painful. Three taps for each photo, and then have to wait for each file upload to complete before proceeding with the next file. I like Evernote’s photo attachment method where you can tap multiple files and they are numbered in the order you would prefer to view them. Waiting longer one time is better than shorter waits multiple times. This really needs to be fixed and I’m surprised I couldn’t find any other comments for this issue.


I agree and would like to add another glitch - sometimes I would like to move a single attachment from one record to the next - if there are multiple attachments then the only way I know how to do this is by downloading to the computer and uploading to the next record. Drag and drop would be the most intuitive.

I have a crazy workaround to the problem ‘airship’ mentioned so that I don’t get stuck on a job site. I use a “do” button on “” which allows me to send a photo to a line in excel in one click (not 3!). I use another applet to react to the excel and send each newline to a new airtable record. I keep a manual list of the meaning of each of the photos and when I am by my computer, I cut and paste the attachments to the appropriate record. It’s still a hassle but allows me to be fast when I need to be fast…


Create a Gallery view
Switch to Gallery view.
Grab the group of documents you want to upload.
Drag them to the icon in the lower Right corner of the Airtable Gallery View.
It will pop up a question asking to either a) make each attachment a new record, or b) add them all into one record.
I’ve uploaded thousands of attachments into individual records. Works well.
One glitch - if you upload more than 100 at a time it will not render a thumbnail of the attachment.

If ANYONE reading this has a plugin/Block/API to download ALL attachments, including multiple per record, please contact me.