Multiple condition form

Hi there !
I have been using airtable for 1 year now and I can"t figure out a solution for the problem I have right now.
Here is the thing : I would like to develop a form in which people can process internal orders for suppliers, products and quantity.
In the form we would have :
Existing client, if not, create one
Then select the first type(s) of product(s) from the supplier A
Select product(s) from supllier B
etc …
I have 15 suppliers and +/- 20 products per suppliers
I tried many things, but does not seem to work … Should I use a third party tool or something ?
Do you guys had the same issue ?
thanks !

Hello @Alter345!

I’d love to help figure out how to make this form best work for you. I’d like to ask a little more information about your workflow so that I can make sure I fully understand the problem.

When creating the form are you running into a problem with submitting the combination of suppliers and products? Or are you trying to refine the list of products based on the supplier? Would prefilling some of the form inputs help in this situation?

Screenshots of the form, or your base, are always cool. :slight_smile:

Hello Rose, and thanks for your reply :wink:
I will get back to you with an Excel file type so you will get the workflow.
Prefilling form inputs may be an option …But how am I supposed to move while working on existing customers to update their orders … :wink: ? thanks

This support article could potentially be helpful in building a prefilled form for existing customers with their orders already in the form? You could then potentially build an automation to update the record in question when a form is submitted.

Let me know if you have any questions on the above ideas.