Multiple select "other" field

I have many columns that use multiple select fields. However, there are times that they need an option called “Other” and the ability to type in a new option. This option should not be saved into the list of options. I can add another column and let them type in the option there, but since there are so many of these the table is getting quite bulky.

Is there a way to have a custom field where you can display an option in multiple select but not add it into the list of options?

Or is there another way to accomplish this?

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This is not currently possible to my knowledge. A field can’t be both a multi-select and manually edited. It’s one or the other. I can see the value in what you’re seeking, though, so perhaps you should consider requesting it in the Product Suggestions category.

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We could also really use a multi-select field with “Other” option.

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