Multiple Staff Calendar Input Management


Hello, we have approximately 100 staff operating remotely and we use airtable to keep track of when they are available. Every week they email me in their date gaps that they are available and the location they will be in at the start and end of the gap (e.g. 11 June 2019 London - 10 July 2019 Paris). We need to know when they are free (not when they are working). At the moment they email in their dates and I manually enter them into the system. The dates are constantly changing and updating. So far airtable is great for keeping track of the dates and gaps, but if data entry could be automated at the staff level to enter their dates it would be a great time saver.

Is there any way to have our staff be able to use a third party app or similar to edit their calendars which then when they complete an update it will automatically update their view in Airtable?

We have a view for each staff member and rows representing each available gap. Columns showing Name, Date free from, location, date free to, location and date entry was updated.

I know forms could be used to enter individual entries, however the staff may need to adjust one date in an entry, or a location on an existing entry so would need to be able to view their dates, edit or delete existing dates and add new entries.

Thank you for any assistance!



Welcome to the community, Ash! One possible way to address this is to invite your staff to share the base as collaborators, then let each collaborator create a personal view, in which they can edit their own availability. The personal view would be essentially identical to the view you’ve made for a given staff member, but it can only be edited by that staff member. Others could view it, but not edit it. The big caveat with personal views is that you need at least a Pro plan to access the feature. Do you think that would work?

If that’s not a viable option, there may be a way to use either Zapier or Integromat to do the job, though I don’t yet have enough experience with either of those services to offer any specific suggestions on how to pull it off.



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