Multiply a Duration by Currency


I have a duration field and I want to multiply it by an hourly rate for billing purposes.

I’m multiplying a duration, say 1:30 by an hourly rate, say $100 and getting $540,000. Our clients won’t be happy with that.

How do I make this work properly?

Thanks so much for any help!


Hi @Steven_Joiner.

If you have:
Field 1 = Duration (duration h:mm)
Field 2 = Hourly Rate (currency)

Add a Field 3 = Total (formula)
with this formula:

{Duration (h:mm)} * ({Hourly Rate}/3600)

A duration field returns it’s value in seconds (ie, 1:30 = 90min = 5400s; the field will return 5400 to use in formula calculations)

Here’s a demo base you can look at, and copy to your workspace (top-right corner when viewing) if you want: