Multiply lookup field

Hello, i’ve create a database with ingredients, recipes and meal plan tables.
I’ve linked my recipe with a list of all ingredients inside this meal plan table, then
my goal is to add a multiplier field in the meal plan table to adjust quantity of each ingredients of the list.
Is it possible to have a lookup field with a liste of values (number and text) and multiply these values (only numbers) ?
Thank you for your help
Best Regards

Welcome to the community, @Brian_Cuttaz! :smiley: Unfortunately running the process as you describe it is not currently possible. Because there will be an arbitrary number of ingredients, and Airtable doesn’t have any built-in formula features for parsing an arbitrary number of items, it’s practically impossible to isolate the numbers, do the math, then put the new values back in place of the old ones. My next thought was to consider the scripting block, but I’m not even sure that would work (at least not easily).

Off the top of my head (which is rather fuzzy at the moment because I’ve been editing video all day), I can’t think of a way to pull this off.

Thank you Justin for your quick answer. I’m not enough expert to try script solution actually :frowning:
Anyway, Airtable is already an amazing solution for my food business :wink:

Even though you didn’t get the solution you wanted, it would be helpful if you would please mark my comment above (not this one) as the solution to your question. This helps others who may be searching with similar questions. Thanks!

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