Need Help Making IF formula

Hi all,

Can you please help me make a formula?
I have records with the following (relevant) columns:

  • Commission Processing Date (date format)
  • Income ($ format)
  • 1099 ($ format)

After a certain date, my Income needs to be adjust by -15% and that result should be listed under my 1099 column

Thus, I would like to do the following formula for my 1099 column: If Commission Processing is on or after 01/01/2020, then Income should be multiplied by 0.85. Otherwise, 1099 remains the same number as Income.

Can’t figure out how to do the date part of the IF formula. Thank you!

Hi @Chanya_Winograd,

You can use the formula below for that calculation. Let me know if this helps!

   {Commission Processing Date} >= '01/01/2020',
   {Income} * 0.85, 

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