Need linked task to disappear from Project tab once completed


Hi, I have a “Current Tasks” column in my Projects tab linking to my Tasks tab. I’ve set it up this way so that when I create a project, I can insert a current task and it automatically creates a task in the Task tab.

However, this might not be the best setup.

I would like for the “Current Task” column in the Project tab to be updated based on my “Completed?” checkbox column in the Tasks tab: if a task is completed, I want it to stay in the Tasks tab, but disappear from the “Current Task” column in Projects. I also have a “Task Completed?” look-up column in Projects looking up the “Completed?” column in Tasks. I don’t know If there’s a formula I should be using instead of a link. I’m open to having to assign tasks in my Tasks tab, but I’d still like to see them in the Projects tab and have them updated upon completion.


How about if you create a view in your Tasks tab, group it by Project and “Completed?”, and filter by “Completed?”?
This way, completed items are automatically filtered but can still be seen in an unfiltered view, any new entries you create in this view will inherit the Project and “Completed?” values for the group.


Well, that’s an option, thank you. However, that won’t remove the completed task from the Projects tab.

I think what I want to do depends on Airtable implementing IF statements that work across tabs. Then I could have my tasks column in Projects tab be a formula of: IF(and({Tasks!Completed}=0,{Tasks!Project}=Name),{Tasks!Name},""). or something like that.

The goal is to be able to write a task in the Projects tab, have it populate in the Tasks tab, have it disappear from Projects tab upon completion, but retain record of it with related project in Tasks tab. (When I delete it from the Projects tab now, it stays in the Tasks tab, but the linked project disappears too.)


Your formula could totally work, you just need to set it up in the Tasks tab instead.
=IF(AND({Task Completed}=0,{Project}),{Task Name})
And then in your Project tab, you’d use a Rollup field with ARRAYCOMPACT(values) to get a list of tasks for each project.

The caveat however, is related to your third paragraph: Airtable doesn’t allow you to delete a record from one table and have it leave a “trace” in another table; which is why I suggested that you filter completed projects instead. (Are you sure the solution I proposed doesn’t do what you want? It automatically filters out all projects with no incomplete tasks, which is what you were trying to achieve, no?)

Going back to your Project tab, if you want to filter out projects with no outstanding tasks: once you’ve set up the Formula field in the Tasks tab and the Rollup field in the Projects tab as described above, you can apply the filter “[Rollup field] is empty” to the Project tab view, which will remove completed projects.