Nested If statement on Text


Hi im trying to get to “Total Spent In USD”
Currently i have “Ammount Spent in Original Currency” and “Currency”
I (think) i want an If statement in an If statement, like in excel.
But this is giving me an error everytime i try it.
Whats the best way to get my desired result?


Hi George

A more ‘databasey’ way of doing this would be to have a currency table with a conversion rate held in it and then use lookup and formula fields to do the calculation.

This will work fine if you want a single currency rate used in your calculation - however if you need to do the calculation for the date the transaction took place based upon the rate held at the time then this is currently a problem with Airtable as the calculation will recalculate if the rate changes.

If anyone has a way round this I would be interested to hear.



You are getting an error every time you try it. Please tell us what “it” is.
What formula are you using?
Also, take a look at this: Nested IF formulas


I would recommend simply storing the calculated value from the function in a ‘real’ column (Zap?).

I’ve done some advanced trickery with circular rollups and a bunch of function fields, but it’s pretty messy to be honest, plus I’m not even sure if that would work in this scenario…


Or of course make the conversion rate table historical (add a date). But that could potentially mean a lot of records…


Thanks Guys, just made a new table in the end.