New: web clipper updates (Jan 2020)

Hi folks! The team has really enjoyed seeing how you all have been using the web clipper block + extension, and we’ve appreciated reading your feedback over the past few months. With your feedback in mind, today, we shipped a couple of improvements to the web clipper block that should make it even more useful:

  • Linked record fields are now supported, allowing you to select an existing linked record when clipping from a web page.
  • You can now set a specific select option as the default value for single and multiple select fields.
  • Collaborator fields now support clip action user as a default value. (That means that when you use the browser extension to clip from a web page, the designated collaborator field will automatically fill with your name.)
  • Now, in addition to using CSS selectors to capture default values, you can also extract values from meta tags and HTML attributes.
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Thanks ! New update are REALLY REALLY cool I can stop using the unofficial extension.
Thanks !

This is great! I wish there was an ability to create NEW linked records with this tool during the web clipping process