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Hi everyone. I am trying to set up Product Specification Sheets from database which is split into 3 categories/views (3 at the moment, will be a few more once I work this out): Mirrors, Bed Throws & BedSoks. Each view has different columns visible as specific information required between mirrors, bedsoks and bed throws varies a lot. I would like for all product types to be in one base tab as we already have a lot of other tabs and if a client is purchasing from a few categories it can all be brought to another tab easily into one column.
I have set up a really nice spec sheet page for Bed Throws to send to the client, it mentions everything I want including space for a CAD drawing with dimensions, colour swatches etc., nothing from other 2 categories which wouldn’t apply to bed throws, such as mirror shape or frame width etc.

Not thinking much about it I went on to create another layout in Page Designer based on the BedSoks view (switched from Bed Throws). Thinking that I was editing just that view I made a lot of changes to suit that particular product, eg. no CAD drawing, different layout. Saved it, printed it, all good. Then I wanted to go back to reprint the Bed Throws Spec Sheet as a quantity of one of the items changed in the meantime, so I switched to that view in the Page Designer block and realised the page layout in Bed Throws changed as per the BedSoks (new) as well! So all the work I put into the Bed Throws spec sheet layout is lost.

Am I doing something wrong? Surely you could save different layouts based on different views of the database or there would be no point in switching between the views in Page Designer? Please help or advise of another software that works with AirTable in which I could create something like this and similar layouts easily without having to start from scratch.
Unable to add photos/links unfortunately to show what I am trying to achieve (potentially because this is my first post here!)

Welcome to the community, Natalia! :smiley: Your guess about not being able to add images is correct. Once you’ve been around the community for a while, the system will automatically start granting you more privileges/abilities/POWAHHHH!! *ahem* Um…anyway…

While you didn’t say this explicitly, my guess is that you made these two different view-based designs in a single Page Designer block, which is likely the cause of your problem. Long story short, each Page Designer block in your dashboard only stores a single design. The view dropdown just lets you choose which view will drive that lone design. To make a new design for a different view in the same table, you’ll need to add another Page Designer block (either a blank one, or duplicate an existing one). So if you want to make, say, three different designs for three different views, you’ll need three Page Designer blocks.