Planning Project Staff Hours over several months


I’ve looked through several project management templates, but have not yet seen an approach for tracking or planning hours over multiple weeks or months. It would seem the only way is pivot table like approach where each staff and week is an individual row. Does that seem correct? Is there a way to create a table where you can more easily enter hours over several months for each staff person by project?



I suppose it all depends on what’s beneath those smudges, but to me that looks like a grid view grouped by cost center — which would be one way to enter those values into something other than a pivot table.

I’m not saying that necessarily makes sense for your application — it could be an incredibly stupid idea, depending on your base — but it is another way of seeing that structure.


In the BLOCKS you have a Pivot option

But like @W_Vann_Hall mentions, the data has to be entered in another way. But that would be the same thing in an Excel sheet.



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This maybe?