PLEASE HELP! Family membership base design

Thank you in advance!!!

So we are a very small charity and we are trying to track our COVID response in Airtable rather than the millions (only a slight exaggeration) of spreadsheets that we currently have.

I think I know how to do that part which is exciting, where I am really really struggling though is the basic CRM side to stick all of our membership in. Our problem is that our membership form (currently on google forms and sheets) is the family data and then multiple child details on each membership form. I have worked out how to make a form for the membership details but where I am struggling is pulling up a report of the number of children if I use the link data tab I can pull through child number 1 but not the details of the other children - am I missing a trick? We have over 10,000 children registered and I need to be able to pull a report on the number of siblings, the number of children in total, how many are disabled and then be able to break it down into the types of disability with as little manual input as possible as we are putting out hundreds of things a day at the moment (things like food parcels, mental health calls, virtual counselling, zoom calls etc)

Please can any one help

If it helps here is the link to the membership form that we have been using