Populating a table by clicking records on another


Easy enough question: I’d like to populate an empty Table2 with records from Table1 such that I would click a checkbox on each record on Table1 that I want to appear in Table2.

Is this at all possible?


An integration with Zapier would do the trick nicely. I’d setup a view filtered to only show those records with the checkbox ticked, then create a zap that triggers when a new record is added to that view.

Note that with the free/basic plan it will only check every 15 minutes, so if you need a quicker response after ticking the checkbox you might need to look into a webhook setup.


Someone has made a template for this: https://zapier.com/app/editor/template/12916


Free Zapier is useless in my case - it is way too restricted - so I’ll actually implement this with the Airtable Ruby Client.


What do you want to achieve? Is not a View useful for that?