Pre-populating form with linked record in another table


I’m having a bit of trouble with the final piece of a project.

In Table A I have a list of clients with their service rates for on-going deliveries.

In Table B I have a set of fields used to capture specific components of the delivery and this acts as a database for all deliveries performed. I have set a linked record in Table B which links back to the client in Table A and have also set up a form for our drivers to capture the delivery within Table B.

Now to keep things simple (as 90% of the time deliveries are the same each week but some do change), I made a calculated field in Table A which says is delivery today = “Yes” or “No” in Table A and created view which filters is delivery today = yes. This means our drivers know which clients to deliver to on a specific day.

Now the problem is, I have the URL for the form from Table B in Table A showing to the driver and each time they perform a delivery they need to choose which client. Is there a way I can pre-populate the from from Table B with the Client Name in Table A each time they click the URL to submit the form?

I know you can pre-populate a form with fields from its own table but can’t find anything on whether you can do from another table.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, you can prefill forms with linked record values from other tables.

I would recommend using @kuovonne’s Prefilled Forms app to help you construct the URL:

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