Prefill user as collaborator on form

Does anyone know if there is a way to prefill the submitting user of a form as the collaborator in a particular field? We use Google Forms for some things and like how it grabs the user’s email address automatically. It would be great if I could set one of the collaborator fields on the form to prefill with whoever is submitting the form. I’ve already checked the email domain limitation for the form but this would provide added guarantee that the correct person was marked as submitting the form.

Hey there! This is a great question, and I can see three solutions for you here (There are lots more, but here are the first three that come to mind)

  1. If you want to continue using Airtable forms - You can use prefill:
    (This has limitations, and I don’t think answers your question - But give it a go)

  2. Use Typeform and their block - I love Typeform, so for me this is always option number 1. You can create really intricate beautiful forms

  1. Use Google forms, and then use Zapier (or a similar tool) to send the content to Airtable.

Hope that helps!

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