Pricing model for developers vs users

I am new to AirTable. I would like to understand the pricing model. If I develop an App using AirTable, is there a cost for a user to access the App?

Can AirTable create a IOS or Android friendly screen or app?


It depends on the app.

  • If you create a base that other people can copy to their own workspaces and use on their own (within the limits of the free plan), then there is no cost.

  • If you create a web app using the Standard API, with your own method of validating users that doesn’t involve Airtable accounts, then there is no cost.

  • If you create an app that requires paid features and an Airtable account for each user, then there is a cost per user.

Airtable has its own mobile iOS and Android apps. Airtable can also be used as a backend if you are going to write your own app. However, Airtable is not an app authoring platform, per se.

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