Private Notes for select few in a Base

Hey Community!

I am working with a church and some of the information we put in our air table is sensitive information that we don’t want to be seen by everyone who has access to our base. We are keeping notes on when meetings happened and what was discussed. Is there a way to hide these notes so that only a select few can see them? We link dates and notes into a single column. Let me know if you need more clarity. I am still new to Airtable!


Welcome to the community, Adam! :smiley: Airtable’s collaboration and permissions features are a bit finicky, at least from what I hear from other users. I don’t have a lot of experience with them myself, as 99.9% of the work I do is with my own bases, where I’m the lone user. For starters, I suggest reviewing the documentation about Airtable’s collaboration options if you haven’t done so already:

If that doesn’t quite get you where you want to go, then let us know and perhaps share some more details about your base setup, and we’ll see what advice we can offer.