Problem importing csv table

Hi. My name is Breno. I’m new airtable user and already love it. I have a problem importing a csv file using Block. My first field is a formula that I created so it’s always a unique ID. The file I’m importing is supposed to merge with the existing records. All this csv file has is the first field and another one with my business numbers. The thing is the Import Block doesn´t accept fields with formulas. The workaroud I found was to remove the formula every time I have to upload a csv and put it back in when I’m finished.
Am I doing something wrong? Is there another way around. Why does it happen?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Marco_Grilli

I managed to find some information about the CSV Block. If you still have questions, there’s a round, blue logo with a question mark, near the bottom of the page. Then click on “Get in Touch”, which is the contact with the Airtable company.

Here is the link to the information for the CSV Block:

Hope this helps.

Mary K

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