Product Catalog & Orders adding another item type in addition to Funiture

Hi, I am attempting to add another table in addition to the “furniture” table, say one called “appliances” however I noticed it breaks the entire ordering and pricing section because you can only link one table per field/column. So, for example, it can only grab pricing from the Funiture section and you cannot have any other sections. Has anyone discovered a workaround or a different way yo set up my table? It really does have to have separate tables so my front-end API can pull each table by category.

My gut approach to this is to keep all inventory in a single table, using a single-select {Category} field to label things as Furniture, Appliance, etc. However, then I saw this:

What front-end API are you using? Is there no way to set up the API to pull all items from the same table?

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