Pull assignee from Airtable to Jira via automations

Dear Airtable Community, I’m having an issue with assigning tasks in Jira an assignee from these leads in Airtable. The way my current automations work is every time I assign a status to a specific field, a task in Jira is created, already containing a lot of information from the record, Jira issue’s key is immediately saved back to the lead in Airtable, pretty neat system for us.

For some reason I cannot set-up this automation to also assign the issue to a collaborator in Jira, using the collaborator’s name in the “Assignee” column in Airtable. The automation setting only allows me to pick one name, in other words only “Static” value is allowed, not “Dynamic” as with other fields. How can I fix this?

Hi Archie, I had a look at the docs for the Jira app and it seems like the Assignee field works with data from Jira only, and that you can’t pass data from Airtable into that field?

I’m not too clear on how this works either tho, so you may want to open a support ticket with Airtable and ask them about it?

Hey Adam, sorry for the long response. Indeed it seems like only Airtable can pull the assignee from Jira, but not the other way around. I’ll reach out to the airtable team, see what they say and update you once they responded to me

Hey Archie, if you’re on a pro plan you could maybe get a script to run in an automation that’ll assign the task to a email address via an API call?

Let me know if that’s something you want to explore, but given you’re using Jira, a member of your team who’s familiar with JavaScript could probably whip something up for you pretty quickly

Thanks Adam, in case if Airtable does not support assignee from table to Jira I guess we’ll have to do just that.

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