Pull table as json and keep updated

I am trying to pull all the data from one of my tables and dump it into a json. Is their an easy way to do this? I have read and tried to follow the github for airtable.js but seem to be a bit lost.

Thank you.

I use the Publish app for my websites.

I will take a look at that but it requires pro was hoping for something a little more cost friendly as we are a small company using this.

You could write your own script that converts your table to json. That would be free, but not “easy” if you’re less familiar with javascript.

For anyone looking for a solution even though its 2 years old it still works. And heroku will allow you do a pull every 10 minutes for free. If you want to pull less than the whole table you’ll have to modify it. You will also have to modify it if you want it to export anywhere other than github.

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