Pulling an image URL from a different table if a field equals A

Hi…I have the table “Groups” and the table ‘Assets’. If a record in the field "Type’ in the groups table equals the word ‘bus tour’ I want to attach an images URL from the field ‘logo’ in the assets table to the field ‘logo’ in the groups table. My intention then is to use that URL to insert an image in a page designer block. I thought I had an idea but this one is a bit complicated for my beginners mind. Thank You!!!

If I understand your situation correctly, you have the following tables and field types:

  • Type – Single Select
  • Assets – Record Link
  • Logo URL if Type = “Bus Tour” – Formula


  • Logo – URL
  • Groups – Record Link

And you want to use a formula that looks like:
IF({Type}="Bus Tour", {Logo URL from Assets})

One of the key limitations of Airtable is that you can’t include a value lookup in a formula. You must first add a Lookup field and then use that value in the formula. So, your Groups table should have the following fields:

  • Type – Single Select
  • Assets – Record Link
  • Logo URL if Type = “Bus Tour” – Formula
  • Logo URL from Assets – Lookup

Once you add that Lookup field, you can use the formula above, as given.

Hi Andy…Thank you so much for your reply. I did as you thought and discovered that while your solution worked, I was having to enter my ‘record link’ entry in order for the URL to populate which just duplicated the effort as I was trying to have the URL automatically populate based on the ‘single selection’ of the group type of ‘bus tour’, not have that extra step but I did figure it out based on what you were saying to do.
First of all, I thought that I needed to have the URL in order to put an image in my page designer block but I learned the URL is only needed for static placements.
What I did was the following:
Asset Table:
Name in which ‘bus tour’ was a record
Attachment of logo
Group Table:
Type became a link to assets table selecting ‘name’
logo became a lookup of the ‘type’ in the group table which gave me access to the attachment field in the assets table.
By simply selecting the type in the group table, it automatically pulls the attachment from the assets table.
Now, in my block, I simply add from the logo field and it inserts my image for that specific record. Yay me…lol
Thank you!

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