Pulling my hair out please help

I swear this must be really easy, in fact in excel it’s really easy what am I doing wrong :frowning:

I have one sheet on there I have a variety of columns I want to create a column at the end that says how many out of columns xyz (which are all single line text columns) contain text - please can anyone help as 4 hours later a rabbit hole of videos and posts on here I still cannot get it to do anything - thank you in advance

You would just need to create a formula field that uses the COUNTA function.

So, if you have 3 fields/columns named “Column 1”, “Column 2”, and “Column 3”, your formula would look like this:

COUNTA({Column 1},{Column 2},{Column 3})

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THANK YOU I actually love you about now


Hahaha, my specialty is making people fall in love with me. :wink:

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I like you a bunch, but love - that’s a ways off. One step at a time.

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@Michelle_King - just curious, when you felt like you were going insane, was it because you expected another column (i.e., a number field) would have the ability to apply the formula necessary to compute the aggregated counts? Or, was it something else that confused you and prevented you from understanding that a formula field was necessary?

Honestly its because I am used to the formulas in excel so I am used to their format and so tend to use the shortcuts on there - using the & button took me ages to work out lol

lol you obviously havent spent as long as I did trying to work out the formula

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