Redirect form to url after submission

I have created a redirect page for the user to be sent to once the form is submitted. Browsers seem to be detecting this as a pop up and just sending them back to a new form. Is there a way around this?


I am having the same problem.


I am having this exact problem. Am trying to redirect to another airtable form and the first form reloads. Anyone have any ideas?

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same problem here; is this getting fixed?

Same issue. This makes the forms useless for me…

What is going on?

Also having this issue :frowning:

Is there anyway to hook into the onSubmit event of the form? Perhaps then we could handle the redirect ourselves. Given that the form is within an iframe, I’m not sure how.

“Duh” factor (I just placed a support request on this myself!)

You’re in a frame, looking at a form. The form redirects to a WordPress page. BUT: That page is going to load IN the frame. You’d have a page within a page.

So WordPress blocks that, or something does – as it should.

Either don’t embed a form (link to it, rather), or don’t redirect from an embedded form.

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