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I’m trying to use the --remote feature of the CLI to install my Custom Block into another base, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m not sure if I’m doing something incorrectly.

I went through the process of “Install a block”, “Build a custom block”, and saved the appID/blkID, leaving an empty and uninitialized block

Then I ran the CLI commands, with apparently successful results:

But my block remains uninitialized. I’ve tried refreshing multiple times, and I’ve tried running the CLI commands again, and it doesn’t look like it’s done anything.

I tried running just $ block release as well (not specifying a --remote), and my default installation of the block was updated (tooltip indicates “last updated” with today’s date). So it appears it is only the remote option that is not working as I expected.


@Jeremy_Oglesby double checking, are the asterisks in the app***/blk*** screenshot added by you? (The actual block list-remotes command should not redact the ids).

To help debug, could you please check/share these things:

  • Version of the CLI you are using
  • On your custom block installation in the new base, click the name, “Edit block”, “How do I run blocks locally”, “Continue”, and check the app.../blk... shown in step 2 matches the content of .block/agenda_base_test.remote.json
  • Check whether block run --remote agenda_base_test works and allows you to run the block in that installation
  • Check the other block dashboards in your new base to double check the remote corresponds to the installation you are looking at (vs updating a different block in your base)

Thank you so much for the quick response, @Emma_Yeap.

Yes, I redacted the ID’s myself for the screenshot - they list fully when I run $ block list-remotes.

And it turns out I had the wrong appID/blkID… Thank you for that instruction on how to retrieve them.

Using the correct appID/blkID worked.

And now I’m left scratching my head as to where I got the incorrect appID/blkID from… I only installed and copied the ID of one block, that I can remember :confounded:. I must be getting old…

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No problem, glad it’s working now!

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