Renaming attachments with names containing fields

Hi there,
I know this question had been discussed several times, but I still couldn’t find a sufficient answer.
So, I have a form that collects client’s images that have names, ex clientimage.jpg
I want to rename the attachment so that name will include info from different fields.
For example
where jobID,copies,clientname are fields.
and the result would be

Note. I have only one attachment in attachment field.

How this can be done?

You could do this with scripting, but the easiest no-code way to rename attachments would be to use an automation & integration tool like Integromat:

Just update the record with its own attachment URL again, but rename it to whatever you want.

There are an unlimited number of ways to accomplish this, but if you only have one attachment per attachment field, then it could be as simple as a 2-step scenario like this:

Thank you.
That one is obviously the best. However, for some reason it doesn’t display the thumbnails properly.