Reporting on Groups

I want to publish a master/detail report that can be viewed outside of the Airtable environment. I read several posts that tell me there is still no solution. Then I remembered that the groups view is rendered as an html page and if I could just save page as… then I’d get what I want. This save gets me the part of the page that is shown, not the rest, and does not have the expand/collapse capability working in the saved html file. Any suggestions on how to get past these issues would be appreciated.

Alternatively, any option to export the grouped data into an XML format with some way of generating the xml schema would aslo be good.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Mike Panyszak

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Hi Mike,

Great question - may I ask why you’re trying to extract the data instead of showing folks a view? I have a few ways of rendering reports but it depends on whether you want to send the data to a third party or just want to show the airtable interface to other folks.


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