Rollup Math not working as expected


I have a rollup column in an aggregate table where I want to get a percentage. In the original record, I am recording 1, 0, or empty.
The basic components work … SUM(values) returns “6” … COUNTA(values) returns “8”
But … SUM(values)/COUNTA(values) returns “1”

Is this combined function not supported? or am I missing something ?


Check the formatting of your field that’s doing the math between the SUM and the COUNTA. It might default to an integer because the source values are both integers, which would explain why it’s rounding 6/8 up to 1. Set it to a decimal and fiddle with the precision to your liking, and it should give you the percentage you seek.

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Operator error … I didn’t look at the formatting option and it was being forced to an integer of “1” … all better now.


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