Rollup smallest date/time past now

This might be simple, but I fail to get my head around it. Help, please.

We have 2 tables;

  • Profile - name, image, etc
  • Availability - date/time, profile linked record
    13/2/2022 4:57pm
    20/2/2022 4:57pm
    23/2/2022 4:57pm
    11/2/2022 4:58pm

On Profile table, we need to roll up the Min(values), but only display date/time past NOW.
If now date/time is 19/2/2022 4:45om the correct answer needs to be: 20/2/2022 4:57pm

In your Availability table, have a formula field that calculates if the date/time is after NOW.

IS_AFTER( {date/time field}, NOW() )

Then in the Profile table have rollup that uses MIN(values) with a condition based on the formula field.

Note that NOW only updates every 5 minutes to two+ hours. So it is almost always behind. If you date/times are always on different days, this probably won’t be a problem.

Thank you both. It’s solved.

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