Rollup text field - each field as new line?

Gday all,

I have a rollup field of ‘text’, which I am trying to display as a list.

Currently the rollup displays like this:


What I want to achieve is:


I’ve tried multiple different formulas - concatenates but cannot get it to work!


What formulas have you tried? Can you share a screen shot of the fields in question?

Have you tried `ARRAYJOIN(values, “\n”) as the rollup formula?

Thanks @kuovonne - this formula works perfectly, BUT can the field wrap the text so it displays as the 3 lines without clicking into the field?

You can increase the row height. There isn’t anything the formula itself can do about this behavior.

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You can’t change that behavior on the grid view itself, but there are at least 2 other ways that you can visually prevent the text from collapsing together like that.

These 2 ways would enable you to always see the properly wrapped text with its carriage returns (i.e. new lines) always visually intact:

  1. Use Airtable’s Interfaces feature. Interfaces will always display the fully-expanded text of a long text field at all times. Some people dislike this because it can take up a ton of screen space, but in your case, it sounds like exactly what you’re looking for.

  2. Use the 3rd-party extension On2Air: Amplify, which lets you create your own customized dashboards with the exact height & width of whatever fields you choose. You get to specify exactly how wide & how tall you want your chosen fields to be, and you also have the benefit of never needing to leave grid view to switch to Airtable’s interfaces feature.

p.s. I should also mention that I am an Airtable consultant, so if your company has a budget & you need one-on-one help setting these things up, please feel free to contact me through my website: Airtable consulting — ScottWorld.


Thanks Scott! Will check out your website for sure!