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I use a script to update a field {TypeForm} by concatenating 4 fields {Rang},{TypeQuestion},{Question},{Option}. {Rang} is Single line text / {TypeQuestion} is Single select / {Question},{Option} are Rich text

When i execute the following script:

with these data:

I get the following result:

Why first column values {Rang} like 1., 2., 3. etc.are not properly transferred in {TypeForm} as we see 1. , 1., 1,

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Because you are setting the value of a rich text field, which uses Airtable flavored Markdown.

If you want the text to be exactly as you set it without the formatting, customize the field by turning off “rich text formatting”.


Thanks a lot !!! As usual your answers are crystal clear…

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By the way, is there a reason why you are doing this with scripting versus a formula field? (There are lots of possible reasons why scripting might be necessary, but if there isn’t a reason, a formula field might be easier.)

From Data with a rich formatting in AirTable (Rich Text Column), i will generate a survey in Typeform by using Google Docs. I need to follow Typeform guidelines for Google Docs. For example, for a multiple choice question, i need to provide these structure in Google Docs.

1. {Multiple Choice} Question
a. Option1
b. Option2

Having the first line generated is quite easy with AirTable and Google Docs. But having the 2 next lines generated as expected is another story. I was not able to do it. These 3 lines should be generated in the same cell with the right structure. Unfortunately, AirTable & GoogleDoc integration does not transform AirTable rich text in GoogleDocs rich text. So i lose the expected syntax.

I have to figure out another solution :slight_smile:


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