Select Multiple Records and Update


I want to be able to select multiple records in a base and update a field in all selected records. I’m thinking this will probably need a script where I can enter a value and then push a button to update all selected records with that value.

Has anyone done this or have an idea to get me started please?


Hi Jason, chances are you already know about good old shift and click to select multiple records and then paste (gif below), as well as Airtable’s Batch Update App, so I take it there’s something specific you’re trying to do that it can’t achieve?


If you could give me a specific example of what you’re trying to do I would be happy to try to help

Hi Adam,

Thanks for for responding. It’ a little more complicated than that.

I have records, in a view, that need assigning to a project via a linked record field. When a record is added to a project i.e. the linked filed has a value, then the record disappears from the view due to the filter on the view.

Ideally I want to link one record to a view and then drag this value (or copy and paste) to other records that need assigning to the project. The problem is the record disappears when it is added to a project, so not there to drag the value to the other records.

I know there are work arounds but its for a client and I want to make it easy as possible so envisioned an option to select a bunch of records and then select a project and update them all.

Hope this makes sense

Ah, yes, that does complicate matters.

I’ve created a solution here, and you can view the script by duplicating the base.


This seems like overkill, but yeah I totall get what you mean when you say it’s for a client.


Do you think they’d be able to handle the following?

  1. In the linked field, click the “+” icon
  2. Select the field I want to link it to
  3. Press “CTRL + C”
  4. Select the other records I want to update, press “CTRL + V”
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Hey Adam, thanks you so much. I really appreciate it and this is exactly what I was looking for. Awesome!!

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