Selecting Multiple Dates on Form

Is it possible to create a form that asks for a date range or for multiple dates to be submitted? Is there a workaround if not? All I’m seeing is that we’d have to have multiple forms submitted to cover multiple dates.


A date field can contain only one date.

In order to enter multiple dates or a date range, you need to have multiple date fields. For a date range, you would need a {start date} and an {end date}.

A possible workaround is have your input field be a linked field, instead of a date field.

  1. Create a new [calendar] table with a row for each possible date. (See tip below.)
  2. Then create the date input field as a Link to a record in that [calendar] table. Make sure to Allow linking to multiple records.

An added benefit of this method is that you can limit which dates users can pick by omitting those dates from the [calendar] table. For example, you can omit weekends and holidays. You can also setup the link so that it only allows users to select a filtered view of future dates.

A disadvantage is that users will not see a traditional date picker. However, they will still be able to start typing their desired date to quickly get to it.

Tip for quickly generating multiple rows of consecutive dates:
You can quickly populate the dates in the [calendar] table:

  1. Add a bunch of records with shift+enter.
  2. Enter a few consecutive dates to the first few rows.
  3. Select those dates and use the drag-down feature to fill the remaining empty rows.

Airtable will recognize that you increment the dates by one for each row and do the same when it fills the rows.

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