SendGrid block: BCC to myself every time

I implemented the SendGrid block to send a handful of emails to records using the email address in them.

However, I’d like to BCC every one of these to my own Gmail, so that I can have a record of the first email sent if/when a reply comes in.

The only way, it seems, I can do this is if I create a column (perhaps called “Bcc”) and fill it with my email address. This is really duplicative.

Is there another trick I can use?

(Note: Making this field “prefill” with default text doesn’t work for me, because when the row is created using the Web Clipper block, the default “prefill” configuration is apparently ignored.)

Hey Joey,

Here, I think creating a BCC column with your email address is the way to go. However, you should be able to make it a formula field with a function that is simply “your email address”

i.e. “

Does this help?

Hey Pete.

The column is how I’ve done it, but I dislike it because (a) it’s just extraneous data duplicated in every record that shouldn’t be necessary, and (b) it doesn’t prefill when I add a new row using Web Clipper (the main practical problem).

Can you explain the formula field idea? Does that prevent me from needing to add a data point for each record?

Thanks for chiming in.

BTW, here’s another post I added asking/complaining about the WebClipper prefill issue: