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Is there a way I can have separate logins to my Airtable account. My two employers don’t want a cross over which has occurred when my second employer invited me to airtable.

Hi @Thess_Cotas

I did a quick search in this forum and I found a post regarding your question.

Maybe you can find something useful.

Hope this helps.

Mary Kay

Thank you but the problem is that when my second employer sends me an invitation to Airtable, Airtable automatically defaults to my existing Airtable account (with another employer) when I accept the invitation. I just want to be able to have two separate accounts with two different email addresses.

Hi @Thea_Verrall

I don’t think you can have two seperate accounts, but if you want to know for sure, just contact Airtable directly and they can advise you.

They would probably be the best people to ask regarding account issues at

Mary Kay

Log out of your existing account before accepting the invitation. Then, you can setup a new account when you accept the invitation.

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Thanks @ScottWorld!

I learned something new.

Now, would one have to pay for the second account?

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Mary Kay

Accounts are always free. Accounts are never upgraded, but workspaces are. So, whomever owns the workspace that he is connected to would need to pay for all the collaborators that are above read-only access or form-only access.

Hi @ScottWorld

Good to know. :grinning:

Hi @Thea_Verrall

If I helped with your solution, can you check “Solution” at the of the very last post.

Thank you.

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