Showing more information with link fields on a form


I’m not sure exactly what group to put this in but I am trying to build out a form that allows you to “pick a speaker” from a list to effectively vote for them.

I was wondering if there was any way to show more information when trying to pick a record in a form, ideally the cover photo would be best but anything would make it easier.

Here is the “speaker” in question (it’s me!):


(sorry had to do this as a new post because new users can only post one image at a time)

And here is what it looks like when you try to pick them in a form:

any extra information displayed here would be better


So one option would be to create a gallery view (like you have) that you share (hiding any fields you don’t want visible to people using the form).

Have that gallery view be the starting place for people that you want to have use the form - they can browse the options there.

Create a field that shows at the bottom of each gallery record called “Vote for this person” or somesuch. Have that field be a formula field that concatenates the voting form share url with properly formatted “pre-fill” parameters for the person in the person field.

The flow here for users is - browse gallery; when choice is made, click on link in that person’s gallery card to vote for them; this opens the form and pre-fills the “Speaker” or “Person” Field (whatever you have it called) with the person they clicked the link from.

Here’s a reference for pre-filling form parameters in the URL:

I’d show you an example where I do the same kind of thing, but I’m on my phone.


Oh thanks @Jeremy_Oglesby :tada:

This looks pretty interesting :thinking: I will try it out with the use case that I’m looking at. It’s an internal thing so it’s not so bad that they will have to click twice (click the link to the form and then click the save button)

Do you know if you could do something that would allow you to select multiple people and “vote for all selected” using your formula magic? or is this more in the realm of a MACRO or a script (no idea if Airtable supports this yet - I’m quite new here)


If the Link field accepts multiple linked entries, then the person filling the form can add additional options once they open the form. The one they click from will be pre-filled, but they can add more options once in the form. That may be about the best you are going to get with Airtable’s current incarnation of forms.