Single Select, Formulas and Formatting Kanban View

I want to be able to use the Kanban view with Single Select options that are made based on conditional formulas.


I also think this would be very useful, we want to track tasks by which Sprint # they are in, but it would be useful to have a simplified Kanban view that just showed “This sprint” and “Next sprint”. This sort of solution would be very easy if you could populate a Single Select from a formula.

I am interested in the same feature (but without the kanban view part).

I would like to be able to define a formula field to will yield something that behaves as a single select field. I am aware that i can easily make a formula that results in a couple of text strings.
But I would like to have my users to have the nice colours we get from a single select cell as well.

Refer to this community question for the same request: