Single select from secondary column in another table

When using a form to gather input to a linked record field, is there any way to show the end user a field other than the primary field/column?

Case use:
I have a CHECK IN form that my workers can use to check in when they begin their job. The ‘Name’ field is linked record to my WORKERS Table, where Worker Name is the primary field/column. SO when they visit the form from their phone and fill out the ‘Name’ field on the form, they are essentially choosing their names off the list populated from the WORKERS table.
That part is perfect.

But the second field on the form asks for ‘location’ - I want that list populated with entries from the ‘location’ field/column in the JOBS table. But I cannot link to a specific column it seems, only the whole record, which means on mobile form, they only see the primary field/column info, which is job number.

Is there a way to get it to show the ‘Location’ data instead? Besidies either…
a) making ‘location’ the primary field/column in the JOBS table
b) creating a whole new table for locations

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community, @Kaleb_Penner! :smiley:

Not using Airtable’s native forms. Using On2Air:Forms by @openside (which ties into JotForm), however, you can customize what’s shown in the selection list. I don’t have experience with other third-party form tools, so I’m not sure if this is doable elsewhere.

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Thanks for yoiur response Justin!

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