Slack integration with free membership?


Hello all,

I’m part of a college campus newspaper that is considering using Airtable to organize our workflow. We are currently using the trial premium membership. As we try to keep the costs to our budget a minimum, using Airtable’s free membership is ideal.

Can anyone tell me if Airtable still allows you to have Slack integration with a free membership? Or is a premium membership required to have that integration?


Hi @Austin_Gammell,

I believe the Slack integration is a built-in functionality and should be available with the free membership. At least, the documentation does not mention the need for a PRO account. You should be able to ‘Send Airtable updates to a Slack channel’ with this integration.
I would recommend that you try it out ( with your free membership.

If you want to create Airtable records from Slack, then you would need a Zapier integration, in which case, you would have to pay for a Zapier membership.

Hope this helps! Let us know how your workflow organization goes.


Thank you for the reply! We’re looking forward to using it.