Solve Cluttered View Management


Get enough people in a base and the public name space for views gets cluttered pretty quickly. Cluttered views means confused or inefficient users. It’s also a big issue when using Airtable features that rely on whatever public view is at the top of the view list (ex. linked record modals).

Potential Solutions

  • Set all views to “personal” by default
  • Add view organization tools (ex. grouping/folders)
  • Allow owners to set others’ public views to ‘personal’

And confused developers too. :slight_smile:

I suffer from two conditions brought on by Airtable -

  1. Viewborygmous Hypersensitivity - the overwhelming sensation that 100 views cannot begin to convey all that needs to be known about a single table.

  2. Fieldiasis Pandiculation - uncontrollable stretching and involuntary contortions caused by searching through 200 fields which then leads to a higher incidence of Viewborygmous Hypersensitivity.

These product suggestions are each in the class of features that will help all of us help ourselves and others. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.